Why Taking CBD May Help You Sleep Better At Night

Whether sleeplessness has been ongoing or it's an occasional annoyance, CBD can help you get a full night's rest with almost no side effects.


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Best Netflix Shows To Binge During Quarantine

We’ve carefully curated pairings—the show x the strain—to take the guesswork out of the best cannabis-infused viewing experiences.

Midnight Gospel x Candy Land

Midnight Gospel is an animated series recently released on Netflix. Clancy is a spacecaster (think futuristic podcaster) with a refurbished world simulator. He chooses his world, sticks his head in a cavity, and transports himself to find his newest spacecast guest. With bright psychedelic colors, trippy music and fantastic storylines, these 20-minute episodes will give you a much-needed break from our pandemic-ridden world. While you’re transporting yourself to other worlds with Clancy, roll up some Candy Land. This strain is sativa-dominant, bred from Grandaddy Purple and Bay Platinum cookies. You’ll feel uplifted and creative, ready to travel and commune with others, even if you don’t leave the comfort of your couch.

Great British Baking Show x Ice Cream Cake

For those looking for some culinary inspiration or just wanting to look at beautiful pastries (instead of yet another package of Pop-Tarts), look no further than The Great British Baking Show. Unlike other cooking shows, the judges and contestants aren’t cutthroat or aggressive. Each week, the bakers participate in three challenges, baking a variety of items from cakes to breads to custards. The Great British Baking Show pairs well with Ice Cream Cake, an indica-dominant cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. As you can imagine, this strain is sugary with hints of vanilla, reminiscent of an ice cream cake. The relaxation you’ll feel will have you dreaming of delicate sponges lightly iced with buttercream.

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