What’s the Rub

There are numerous ways to relieve aches and pain. Here are five we like.

Photo by Paul Miller

1. PurePower PowerBalm

1 oz, $40, 50mg full-spectrum CBD per jar. No THC.

This balm exudes the strongest odor of the products tested. One tester even said it “melted my eyes out.” But that’s not necessarily a negative. If consumers knew PowerBalm had Icy Hot qualities, they would apply it for the camphor-like benefits. The balm felt oily at first, but testers said there was a tingly effect as it absorbed quickly, leaving skin dry and slime-free.

2. Naked Leaf CBD Body Salve

1.7oz $40, 300mg CBD per jar. No THC.

This was a tester favorite for its “whipped honey” texture that easily massaged into the skin, due largely to the organic beeswax, coconut oil, organic argan oil, and essential oils. The scent is mild, and (with no THC in the jar) so is is the pain relief.

3. Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Lavender Balm

1.7 oz, $59, 600mg CBD per jar. No THC.

With a triple whammy of pungent herbs, lidocaine, and full-spectrum CBD, this thick, sticky salve went right to work. Testers found it dulled mild pains immediately, but noted that some of that might have been the cooling effect of either the eucalyptus or peppermint oil or the numbing impact of the 4% lidocaine. Two testers struggled with the texture and relative difficulty of application.

4. Myaderm Double Strength CBD Cream

.5 oz, $35, 700mg of CBD per bottle. No THC.

Myaderm’s easy-to-use salve integrates transdermal technology for a non-greasy, quick-absorbing application that was like rubbing in skin lotion. The discreet packaging is a plus, as is the fresh, mild citrus fragrance. Testers said it was fast-acting and effective in reducing aches and pains.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Cannabis Infused Salve 

.3 oz, $7.50, 18mg THC and 6mg CBD per jar.

Testers appreciated Mary Jane’s informative labeling and found the product effective for pain relief. While most were initially turned off by the oily texture and skunky aroma, it was the first some returned to after testing the lot.