6 Perfect Post-Training Strains

Get off the couch and into your workout gear with these 6 curated online fitness programs. Plus, cannabis pairings!

For those of us not working or working from home due to the pandemic, these extra weeks in the house could be an opportunity for growth and enrichment. However, due to the intense emotional turmoil most of us are experiencing, it’s difficult to want to do anything but watch Netflix, smoke weed and eat frozen burritos. Or maybe that’s just me. And who can blame us?

Exercise releases endorphins, improves breathing, helps with circulation and strengthens muscles. Perhaps our time could be better spent working up a sweat and reaping these benefits through yoga or cycling. With the recent stay-at-home mandates, many sites are offering free or discounted workout classes, so this is the perfect time to try a new way to sweat.

For those looking to get off the couch and into your workout gear, we’ve put together the best online workouts and paired them with a strain of cannabis for your recovery and overall wellness.

Yoga for Stress x Zkittlez CBD


These weekly sessions will have you focusing on your breath and movement while providing a sense of grounding and mindfulness to help you navigate through your new daily stresses. Paired with Zkittlez CBD, you’ll feel each stretch deep within your muscles. The high CBD content of this specific strain combine with the stress relief of yoga to alleviate anxiety and lift your mood.

The Ultimate Ski Fitness Workout x Sour Diesel


Resorts may be closed for the season, but it’s never too early to start training. AIM is offering this course for free with the code BEWELL. Throughout this eight-week course, you’ll work on essential cardio and strength training that will translate to your next season on the slopes. Finish up with some Sour Diesel. Skiing can be hard on your knees, leading to long-term joint pain. This strain is fast-acting, leading to immediate relief of any aches and pains that might result from your training or the subsequent skiing.

Yoga for Climbers x Gorilla Glue


These yoga routines were formulated specifically for climbers. While strengthening your whole body, you’ll also gain the confidence you need to face your fears. End your yoga session with Gorilla Glue. This pungent and earthy strain aims for euphoria and relaxation, the perfect end to a tough training session. Gorilla Glue will allow you to unwind after straining your muscles and facilitate a speedier recovery so you don’t feel like you’re carrying a boulder the next day.

Peloton Low Impact x Cookies CBD


For those with access to a stationary bike, Peloton is offering a 90-day free trial for their extensive list of cycling, treadmill, and free weight classes. This low impact spinning class is ideal for those who struggle with pain or inflammation of the joints by offering an upbeat but manageable pace. After winding down, utilize the restorative properties of CBD with this strain of Cookies, featuring sweet earthy notes. CBD is anti-inflammatory and will help with any lingering negativity after your workout. This bud contains 17% CBD and less than 1% THC.

Sunrise HIIT Yoga x Blue Dream


Begin your day with this recorded class offered by Livekick, or for heightened accountability, you can attend the same live class online. The energy of high intensity interval training combined with the breathing techniques of yoga will have you sweating yet feeling accomplished. Finish up your workout with Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant cross of Blueberry and Haze is restorative and relaxing. With its high THC content, Blue Dream can help with muscle soreness or muscle spasms after an intense workout.

Embodied by Mary Beth LaRue by Mary x Sour Alien OG


Embodiment is where our intentions meet action, on our mats and off of it. It’s where we become more deeply present for our direct experience. We often spend more time in our heads strategizing or trying to control our external and internal worlds and circumstances. The gift of the present moment is accessed through embodiment—noticing our breath, the sensations in our bodies, what we are here to cultivate. Join Mary Beth LaRue for this four-week-long small group coaching experience with actionable tools for designing an embodied life as well as meditation and journaling practices. This is the perfect course to open up your mind and body during this closed-off time. Although this course price isn’t reduced, the $499 fee is worth every penny. Pair this program with Sour Alien OG for a slight body buzz and cerebral engagement to help boost your creativity while also allowing your body to recover from the deep stretches achieved during your yoga session.