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Best CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

Five CBD dog treats to reduce stress

Dogs can feel anxiety just like humans. Many dogs respond negatively to stressful situations whether it’s the rolling booms of thunder from a storm or their human’s nervousness from the coronavirus pandemic. Barking, shaking, having accidents in the house, or even aggressively acting out are just a few of the ways your pup might be trying to communicate their stress.

CBD dog treats can help calm and relax your pets without the negative side effects of an anti-anxiety medication. CBD can also assist in pain management, inflammation and nausea for your pets. 

That’s why we put together a list of the top CBD dog treats for anxiety. Whether your dog prefers small chews or crunchy snacks, each of these treats comes with a certificate of analysis ensuring only the highest-quality product for your dog. If your dog is on other medication, consult your veterinarian before starting a CBD-oriented wellness regimen. When figuring out dosage for your dog, always follow instructions and start low and slow.put together a list of CBD treats to help your best friend.

Let’s make the most of this stay-at-home mandate by ensuring our pets can enjoy our newfound time together.

Best CBD Dog Treats for Stress: Naked Leaf Soft Chews

With five milligrams of CBD per Naked Leaf Soft Chews and crafted with 100% organic ingredients, these beef-flavored chews are palatable and easy to digest. Naked leaf also offers a Canine Box subscription for small or large dogs complete with treats and chicken-flavored CBD drops to keep Fido happy and healthy.

Naked Leaf Soft Chews taste like beef and are crafted with 100% organic ingredients.

Best CBD Dog Treats for Stress: Pumpkin Harvest Dog Biscuits

Pumpkin Harvest’s crunchy dog biscuits are made with full-spectrum hemp extract, organic pumpkin and apple along with a host of certified organic ingredients. Each treat has five milligrams of CBD for the large dog formula, or two milligrams for the small dog formula. Although these gourmet treats are a little pricier than others, they’re made with human-grade ingredients. Be careful not to mistake them for your own pumpkin cookies.

Pumpkin Harvest's crunchy dog biscuits are made with full-spectrum hemp extract, organic pumpkins, and apples.

Best CBD Dog Treats for Stress: King Kalm Krunch Blueberry Treats

King Kalm Krunch Blueberry Treats are shaped like crowns and are fit for a king (or queen). Made with Broad Spectrum cannabidiol oils and all-natural ingredients, these blueberry biscuits will delight your dog. King Kanine also offers other flavors such as Honey Roasted Almond Oat and Apple Cinnamon.

King Kalm Krunch Blueberry Treats are shaped like crowns and are fit for your furry king (or queen).

Best CBD Dog Treats for Stress: Honest Paws Calm Soft Chews

Honest Paws’ Calm Soft Chews are poultry-flavored and deliver relief in as little as one hour. Honest Paws also offers the option of recurring delivery or simply a one-time purchase of the treats. They also carry a line of CBD soft chews designed to aid in your aging pet’s mobility.

Honest Paws' Calm Soft Chews deliver relief in as little as one hour.

Best CBD Dog Treats for Stress: Hempure CBD Pet Chews

Chewy and grain-free, Hempure CBD Pet Chews contain 2 milligrams of CBD and are flavored with beef and bacon. These chews are ideal for smaller pups or dogs that prefer softer treats to those with a bit of crunch.

Hempure CBD Pet Chews are chewy, grain-free, and contain 2 milligrams CBD per treat.