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How to Throw a Weed Party!

A pro cannabis event planner shares the high points.

If your dinner parties and happy hours are feeling a wee bit tired, maybe it’s time to serve up something really different. Catherine Goldberg is the founder and CEO of WeedBar LA, which organizes “cannabis experiences” ranging from weed weddings to Pot Shabbats. We asked her to plan a party for you—a memorable get- together that’ll introduce your guests to the world of cannabis in a friendly and fun way. “The goal isn’t to get people stoned,” she explains. “Bongs and blunts are not what we do. Instead, we figure out sophisticated, modern, and elegant solutions for enjoying canna-bis socially.” Here are her secrets for a superior shindig.

Send a Formal Invite 

An invitation always makes an event feel special. In this case, it also provides an opportunity to set the stage. Invite no more than eight couples to keep things fairly intimate, state that cannabis will be served, and stress that those who’ll be indulging should arrange for a ride home. If it fits, mention that many people probably have not-so-great memories of partaking in their youth, and this is a chance to update the experience. 

Forget About Edibles

One common mistake among first-time weed party hosts is offering cannabis snacks. “People can get uncomfortably high eating edibles be-cause the delivery mechanism is different,” explains Goldberg. “So I usually stay away from them. However, make sure to provide plenty of regular snacks because everyone will get the munchies.”

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Settle on Your Style 

Cannabis comes in lots of different forms that create lots of different effects. For a party vibe that’s energetic—as opposed to the stereotypical stoner scene of guests asleep on the couch with brownie crumbs on their chins—you have two options.

Option 1: THC mocktails

Holding a drink will make newbies feel instantly at ease, but there’s no alcohol in these. “Mountjoy makes zero-calorie sparkling water in five flavors, including a THC version that’s psychoactive and a CBD version that’s not,” says Goldberg. “Which one you serve depends on your guests. If they’re cannabis connoisseurs, the THC water will really impress them ($7 per 16-ounce bottle from, only in CA). If they’re newbies, then the CBD water will make them feel a tiny bit more relaxed ($30 per six-pack from; assorted flavors, available nationwide). You can also mix either in a non-alcoholic punch.

Option 2: Vaporizers

For a party in your home, traditional smoking may not be ideal: It’ll stink up your house and everyone’s party clothes. Instead, buy some chic All-in-One vaporizer pens from Mozen. Goldberg recommends the Seize the Day cannabis oil blend ($50), which contains 40% THC/10% CBD (Sativa dominant, limonene and pinene terpenes). “It has a mild effect that’ll make everyone feel energized but relaxed and present.”

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Keep Everyone Safe

When used in the way Goldberg recommends, cannabis is safer than alcohol. At most, someone may fall asleep or get a little nauseated. With the latter, have them smell ground black pepper or ingest CBD oil (a few drops under the tongue, swished around and swallowed). Both will quickly balance any uncomfortable high. 

Give ’Em a Fabulous Parting Gift

For a real goodie bag, skip the Tupperware leftovers and hand out the remaining Mozen pens (one per couple). The Seize the Day blend also has aphrodisiac effects, says Goldberg, which will encourage them to continue the weedy wonderfulness at home.