How to Keep Your Home (and Yourself) From Smelling Like Cannabis

Keep your home from smelling like a freshman dorm with these 6 tips.

Nobody wants their home to reek of cannabis. Unlike cigarette smoke, cannabis smoke doesn’t bind to surfaces and linger for years. It does, however, leave a skunky calling card shortly after you burn down. 

Here are six tips to keeping your home smelling good.

Doob Tube

For those of you that have lived in an apartment complex or tried to hide your weed smoking from your parents, you’re probably familiar with this homemade air freshener (also known as a sploof). Simply take an old paper towel or toilet paper roll and stuff it with dryer sheets and rubber band one over the end. While you’re smoking, exhale through the tube and out the window. Voila! The smell is masked.

Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are fragrant while not being overpowering. I use earthy scents like Lavender & Bergamot or Sandalwood to compliment the weed smell that frequently emanates from my living room. It doesn’t smell like I’m using these scents to cover up the dankness. They’re also aesthetically pleasing and safer than using an open flame like a candle.

Face Wipes

Depending on the location and amount you smoke, the scent will stick to your skin. Use a face wipe or baby wipe to clean your face, hands or even arms.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags or Glass Jars

Store cannabis in airtight containers. For those that grow your own and have a larger amount to keep fresh, invest in a vacuum sealer and set of vacuum bags to lock in the smell and freshness. For smaller amounts, store your buds in glass jars with a tight-fitting lid.

Tinctures, Edibles, or Vaporizers

Switch it up! You can put tinctures in your morning coffee or afternoon sports drink. Edibles are another great way to mask the smell of your weed, but always be wary that your high might sneak up on you. Choosing a lower dosage candy and snacking on it throughout the day is an easy way to come up slowly and ride your high all day. Switching from smoking joints or blunts to a vaporizer can also diminish the smell. (And they’re better for your lungs than regular cannabis smoke.)

Gum or Mints

Any cigarette smoker will tell you this trick. Keep a pack of gum or mints handy to mask the smell on your breath after lighting up. The cool spearmint flavor will also clear your head a bit before you go back to the world.