5 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for the Cannabis Enthusiast

Perfect Father’s Day gifts to thank pops for doing such a great job of raising you with a little TLC and THC (or CBD).

We’ve put together a list of the best Father’s Day gifts for the cannabis-enthusiasts in your life. 

Gummies and Candy Bars from Platinum Vape


How fitting that our first recommendation comes from a father-son company. Platinum Vape offers delicious, hand-crafted cannabis candies. Their gummy coins come in 100mg pouches with 10 candies each with flavors ranging from fruity Blue Raspberry (Indica) to festive Birthday Cake (hybrid) to tangy Green Apple Lime (Sativa). If your dad leans more toward chocolate for his edible experience, choose from their wide array of cannabis-infused chocolate bars, each boasting 100mg of THC. Find these products here.

CBD Vape Products from 22 Red


If dad suffers from aches and pains from his many trips to the golf course or anxiety from raising a hooligan or two, a CBD Vape Pen from 22Red might be the perfect gift for him. These products are certified hemp with zero THC to give your dad the rest and relaxation he deserves without the head high. We favor tasty flavors like Watermelon and Strawberry Sorbet. Buy it here.

Pre-Rolls from Lowell Farms


Make dad’s nightly toke session a bit easier with a package of pre-rolled joints from Lowell Farms. Made with cannabis flower (no shake or trim here), these pre-roll packs come in single gram packs, eighths or quarters in a variety of strains ranging from sativa to indica. Each pre-roll is packaged in natural materials and comes with a set of matches and a sticker. Get them here. For those not in California, find their line of CBD products here.

Blunt Father Rolling Tray from Matriarch


Help your dad keep his coffee table classy with a blunt-rolling tray made of premium black walnut. This tray includes eight blunt holders, a smooth rolling surface for joints or blunts and a specialized circular slot for your dad’s grinder. Buy it here.

OG Kush Feminized Seeds from Seeds Here Now


For the OG in your life, purchase him the gift that keeps on giving. These seeds from the Humboldt Seed Company are distributed by Seeds Here Now. They’re feminized, meaning once the seeds germinate, you shouldn’t wind up with a male plant that might seed out the rest of your crop. OG Kush is skunky and spicy, giving the user a happy and relaxed feeling without the paranoia of other head-high strains. Before making this purchase, make sure to know the laws about buying cannabis seeds in your state. Buy them here.

With these gift ideas, say thank you to your dad whether that’s by rolling up a joint or digging down in the dirt. It’s his day and he deserves a little TLC and THC (or CBD).