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Cannabis 101

Stock Your Bunker

Add these cannabis essentials to your next home delivery order.

Pandemics call for new levels of chill. Luckily, multiple state governments have labeled cannabis a modern-day necessity alongside the likes of food, medicine, and toilet paper. And with good reason: scientific studies show that CBD and THC can decrease stress and anxiety. So, remember the old wartime adage: Stay calm and cannabis on.

Healthy snacks

Don’t stock up on too much junk food. A few honeycrisp apples or carrots can help ward off the munchies while not making you gain the quarantine-15. If you’re still craving something salty or savory, add popcorn or assorted nuts to your next Instacart order.

Plenty of lighters

The last thing you need is for your trusty lighter to run out of fluid. Nobody wants to be digging in couch cushions or riffling through the junk drawer for stray matches or a lone lighter.

An assortment of strains 

You might be tempted to stockpile your favorite strain, but having a variety of flavors to choose from can break up the monotony of staying at home for days at a time. Depending on your tolerance and preference, it’s a good idea to have a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains on hand to coordinate with the taste and vibe of the day. Having a variety of flavors and knowing your reactions to certain strains can help make your daily sesh more enjoyable, whether you need to clean your house or play video games for the next three hours.


And speaking of video games

There’s nothing better than lighting up with your friends, but when you’re social distancing, you need to enjoy their company from afar. Playing online games like Fortnite or the ultra-calming Stardew Valley (co-op edition) can help you keep your distance while also keeping up with your social calendar.

Edibles or tinctures

Because COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, steer clear of smoking or vaping. After all, do you really want to get high and let panic set in over whether those coughs are weed induced? To be safe, have a stash of edibles or tinctures on hand. This way, if you need a respite from the pain or anxiety, you can indulge in a piece of candy or dose your cup of mid-morning coffee with a tincture. Check out CBD for anxiety picks here.

Canna-butter or oil for cooking

Whether you want to bake a few cookies or create an entire cannabis-infused meal, having accurately-dosed canna butter or oil makes it easy and fun to make your own edibles. There’s never been a better time to try out that Pinterest donut recipe.

Alcohol to clean your pieces

This one might get a little tricky. Alcohol might be in short supply because of the hand sanitizer shortage, but if you can manage to snag a bottle, great. (Reminder: Don’t hoard! You only need one bottle!) Being stuck at home is the perfect time to clean and sanitize your favorite glass pieces.

With the above essentials, you should be well-prepared to stay safe and stay home.